Luz Maria Charlita Sanz was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She graduated in architecture from the Universidad Central de Venezuela, practicing her career in Venezuela and Spain. From before starting college, Luz Maria felt special attraction for the small details in design work, which led her to experiment with glass, fabric and wood, creating interesting early pieces of artwork.

When Charlita traveled to Seville, Spain, she was fortunate to experience the richness of the details of works marked by the Moorish style architecture reflected in both artistic and utilitarian objects. These works led to her interest and inclination towards the works made with metals. Back in Venezuela, Charlita began her jewelry work, designing and creating bracelets, earrings and necklaces, honing her skills in the workshops  of Christian Gramckoand and Galleti Urci.

At her stage as a sculptor, Charlita attended the school of Paco and Porras, famous international enamellers based in Venezuela. In Charlita's sculptural creations, you can see at this stage of her career the evolution of ornamental and utilitarian jewelry to sculpture and installation pieces of medium scale,  the latter showcasing her passion for brass and copper, using heat as an essential element to achieve the shapes, colors and patinas so special in her work. This shows the fusion of the architect and artist, reflecting the search for harmony between the technical elements of nature and aesthetics.

Nature as a source of artistic inspiration and insight, the use of fossils, semi-precious stones, rough stones, precious metals combined with forging and other noble metals and elements, lead to unique pieces with shapes and colors that are obvious classic and modern, with a special delicacy and sobriety. The inspiration for each piece is provided by elements from nature that catch the mind, stimulate the spirit and guide Charlita's hands towards the final creation.