Born in Caracas, Venezuela, Luz Maria Charlita graduated in architecture from Universidad Central de Venezuela.  During college, Luz Maria felt a special attraction for the small details in design work, which led her to experiment with glass, fabric and wood, creating interesting early pieces of artwork.

During a trip to Andalucia, Spain, Charlita was drawn to the richness of the Moorish style architecture reflected in both artistic and utilitarian objects.  This greatly influenced Charlita’s work.  Back in Venezuela, Charlita began creating jewelry.

Nature is the source of inspiration for Charlita’s work.  The use of fossils, semi-precious stones and precious metals, combined with forging and other noble metals and elements, lead to unique pieces.

Charlita’s work evolved from jewelry to medium and large-scale sculptures, showcasing her passion for brass and copper, combining the architectural and the sculptural.  Fueled by a lifelong study and appreciation of nature, the ethos of Charlita’s artistic production encompasses drawing, sculpture, installation and public art.